• Flat Roof Repairs

  • Flat Roof Repair

    At Woodford Green Roofing, we pride ourselves as a leading roofing service provider. We are into both single-ply flat and three-layer felt roofing systems, and we have handled roofing projects for many residential clients.

    The single-ply roofing system means that one-layer waterproof and durable roof will be installed. In our single-ply systems, we use a number of quality materials like PVC, TPO and TPE. These materials make flat roofing a huge success, and they are temperature resistant, lightweight, weather resistant, UV resistant, flexible, and resistant to microorganisms. Our clients can enjoy their roofs for a very long time because of all these amazing benefits. Our employees are very skilful and talented, and they will make sure that these roofs are correctly installed at record time.

    The three-layer felt roofing system, as a result of its affordability, is a fantastic roofing option for a flat of any size. And we have expert workers who will make sure that the materials fit perfectly on the roof of your flat. We apply our felt roofing in a three-layer system that has an initial perforated outlay, preceded by a 2mm underlay that is set with 4-5mm of felt. In the course of running the heat setting, we ensure that we follow safety instructions. We reinforce our materials with a strong polyester in a bid to ensure that we provide our clients durable option for flat roofing. The three-layer felt can be easily repaired, easily replaced, and its value is quite excellent. Our great reputation in the industry is related to our strong desire to source for quality roofing materials for our clients. We consistently ensure that all our East London clients use quality and durable materials for their roofing works.

    Our certified staff are professional to the core when they install flat roofs, be it single-ply or three-layer. They make sure that clients get the best roofing service possible. At Woodford Green Roofing, we ensure that all safety measures are carefully followed. 100% customer safety and satisfaction is all we care for as we install flat roofs for our clients in East London and the surrounding cities.

    Why Choose Standard Flat Roofing?

    Flat roofing is versatile and affordable, which makes it a popular choice for homes and extensions, garages, and commercial buildings.

    Here are some reasons to choose a flat roof:

    • Affordability
      The materials used for flat roofing installation are generally available at low prices. The ease of building means that initial costs, as well as maintenance costs, are also affordable.
    • Versatility
      A flat roof adds versatility to a building, whether it's used to house solar panels, air conditioning units, or even as extra space for a rooftop patio and garden.
    • Accessibility
      A flat roof is easier to access and work on, making it much easier to clean gutters, make repairs, and install satellite dishes, AC units, or anything else you require.

    At Woodford Green Roofing, we offer you our expertise with flat roofing, with a variety of products suitable for any requirements. We have affordable single-ply roofing, as well as two-layer systems that have solar reflective paint, and even three-layer mineral systems. We can also install insulation boards in thicknesses ranging from 50mm to 200mm. Our roofs are always finished with drip edges and lead to cover up the stands.

    When you choose us to install your flat roof, you'll get the following:-

    • Flexibility
      We offer a wide range of products and insulation, and our roofs come in three colours: grey, green, and red.
    • Confidence
      We have X years of experience installing standard flat roofs. We're proud to be members of the Competent Roofer Scheme, CHAS, and the National Federation of Roofing Contractors.
    • Peace of mind
      Our single-ply roofing installations come with a 20-year guarantee, and our three-layer roofing systems are guaranteed for 10 years.

    Flat roofs are suitable for both commercial and domestic buildings. If you are interested in getting a flat roof on all or part of your home, or if you'd like to discuss having a flat roof installed on your warehouse or office space, get in touch. We're always happy to talk with you about all the options we offer.

  • Our Flat Roof Repair Service includes:

    • Roof Inspection
    • All work guaranteed
    • We use the best products for a longer lasting roof
    • Certified professional roofing technicians