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    The way Roofing Contractors and Insurance Businesses Work Together

    A Roofing Contractor is a key player in making sure customers get the complete amount they deserve via their homeowners insurance company if they’ve suffered any damages after a storm or from a fallen tree.

    Though insurance businesses as well as their adjustors have experience in performing an accurate assessment, customers’ still merit having an expert on their side, and that is the service smart local roofing businesses will do for them.

    Stage One: Write Down Thorough Notes

    After a storm occurs, ensure you completely document any damages to your roof via photos and good videos. You ought to additionally document any local forecasts like those announcing the strength or the wind as well as measuring it along with things like the amount of rain or the accumulation of snow. All these items are a vital part needed to prove the storm’s severity which did the damage to the roof.

    Stage Two: Finding a Trustworthy Roofer

    The next stage is to find a trustworthy roofer who’s bonded, as well as has a license and insurance for your town. Don’t just read the reviews and ratings when you are screening businesses, be sure to additionally talk to your family or friends to get recommendations.

    Contact the roofing company you desire using and find out if you require any instantaneous repairs. If there is a case of severe damages, it could be required that the roofer has to do a few temporary repairs in order to make sure the problem doesn’t worsen, for example they could have to put a tarp over your roof if there is a hole there.

    These kinds of actions are usually approved by the homeowners’ insurance companies.

    Stage Three: Schedule Meeting with an Adjustor

    The next stage within the process of making a claim is for an adjuster from the insurance company to come to the house to look at a roof. That’s when it is a good idea for the roofer to also be there to announce their personal reasons for the cost of the repairs. Frequently, when the roofer gives their opinion, this creates a more accurate and fairer quote from the adjuster for the owner of the house.

    Stage Four: Getting the Roof Fixed

    As soon as the insurance provider has approved the quote from an adjuster, they review the data they’ve been given, along with a quote from the roofing provider you desire, they normally approve the release of the money, and homeowners are responsible only for paying their appropriate deductible. If you have a roofing company involved in the process at the start, it assists in making the procedure go more smoothly, as well as ensures the repairs begin quicker.

    We Can Assist You

    Here at Woodford Green Roofing, we focus on ensuring our customers get the needed roof repairs. Via our extensive skills in assessment, we can give repair estimates for the damage to your roof. We are aware our customers have a choice in who they pick for their roofing needs, and thus we very much appreciate our clients trusting us to do a through and professional job on their home.